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Pasta grannies, the pasta virtuosos

Do you dream of learning to make pasta like the real Italians? On the YouTube channel Pasta Grannies, ancient Italians reveal their recipes.

They are called Albertine, Enrichetta, Letizia or Giggina and they have an average age of at least 90 and they are the “pasta grannies” of this YouTube channel. These nonagenarian Italians reveal their secrets of making ravioli, gnocchi or tortellini, using the gestures they learned decades ago.

Who is it?

Pasta Grannies is both a website, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page and a cookbook. It was Vicky Bennison, a Briton, ex-food columnist, who launched this project in 2014 to preserve the culinary heritage held by these Italian grandmothers.

“I find and film real Italian grandmothers – ‘nuns’ (grandmothers in Italian, editor’s note) – who make delicious traditional homemade pasta”, she explains on her channel. “And sometimes soups, desserts, risottos, that sort of thing, because that’s what grandmas want to cook for me. I save skills, and I share traditions, one ‘granny’ at a time. “

Vicky Bennison’s “mission” is to document this ancestral know-how, held by mothers over 65 years old. She lives with her husband Billy between London and the Marche region in Italy.

What’s this?

For Vicky Bennison, Youtube was the best way to inventory and share the recipes of these Italians. Two hundred and forty eight videos and 450,000 subscribers later, it seems that she has conquered the public. Each of the channel’s videos features an Italian revealing a recipe. Mezzelune, tortelli, gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli, orecchiette… here we discover pasta recipes that we sometimes didn’t even suspect existed, from all regions of Italy, from Sardinia to Venice, via Tuscany.

It’s superbly filmed, educational and above all devilishly appetizing. And these grandmothers are very endearing.

What to see

Absolutely everything. Obviously, it depends on everyone’s taste in pasta. Know that in addition to pasta, you can also learn how to make pizza or meringues.

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