Paris: the homophobic clip of rapper Tovaritch does not pass

Better known for his escapades than for his music, the rapper of Russian origin Tovarich created controversy after the broadcast of his last clip, in which he makes openly homophobic remarks. Several LGBT associations have decided to file a complaint.

“It’s not the Marais here, no it’s not gay pride. I don’t like men who know men.” This is the kind of remarks made by rapper Tovaritch in his latest clip 2CB, broadcast since September 7th. Words that prompted several associations, including Stop Homophobia, to file a complaint.

“Come let’s make peace”

And the rapper did not stop there, because in addition to targeting the LGBT community as well as the Parisian district of the Marais in his clip, the latter also went to the LGBTQI + Center, located rue Beaubourg (3rd), where he filmed himself buying a “gay” cake before entering this place, precisely imagined to fight against all forms of discrimination.

“As you do a great job, I felt indebted, I offered you a little pie,” he says to one of the center’s volunteers, discreetly filming himself. A deliberately insolent and mocking scene, which he then posted on his Instagram account and titled “Come, let’s make peace”.

Homophobic and discriminatory behavior condemned by many Parisian elected officials, including Yohann Roszéwitch, the deputy mayor of Paris Center in charge of the fight against discrimination, who assured on Twitter “to condemn this act and these words”.

“Unbearable and scandalous”

Same thing on the side of Clément Beaune, the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport, who considered “unbearable and scandalous” the remarks made by this rapper unknown to the general public, bringing his “full support” to the LGBTQI + Center, inviting to continue “the fight against stupidity, violence and intolerance”.

“It’s you who have a problem with me, it’s not me,” Tovaritch replies today on his social networks, believing that he is the target of “relentlessness” but “take it with humor”, while congratulating himself for having succeeded in the media coverage of his last clip.

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