Paris: rapper Tovaritch creates controversy with a homophobic clip and the provocation of an LGBT center

Homophobic words, a mocking movement, and a controversy that swells. A rapper has been the target of criticism since Wednesday after the broadcast of one of his clips with homophobic remarks. A controversy reinforced by his trip, this Friday, to a Parisian LGBT center, a visit in particular castigated by the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune.

In the “2CB” clip, released on Wednesday and already accumulating 1 million views, rapper Tovaritch openly displays his disgust for the homosexual community, singing “It’s not the swamp here, no it’s not gay pride. I don’t like men who suck off men and steal women’s jobs.

The controversial verse was notably pinned by the Twitter account Le coin des LGBT +. The Stop Homophobia Association announced want to file a complaint.

Continuous teasing

In response, rapper Tovaritch made several mocking messages on Instagram, arguing that “everyone fucks whoever they want”, and castigating the “LGPD”.

On Friday, the controversy escalated when the rapper filmed himself during a trip to the LGBTQI + Paris-Île de France center, a center dedicated to welcoming and in particular listening to homosexual and transgender. “As you guys are doing such a great job, I felt indebted, I got you a little pie,” the rapper smirked at a member of the center, after making sure the pastry he was getting. was provided was “gay”.

A visit considered a mocking provocation by the deputy mayor of Paris Yohann Roszéwitch, in charge of the fight against discrimination. “Yesterday, rapper Tovaritch posted a video where he goes to @CentreLGBTParis mocking the volunteers. On Wednesday, he published a title with homophobic lyrics, denigrating the #Marais. I give my full support to the #LGBT Center and condemn this act and these words, ”tweeted the elected official on Saturday.

A declaration also supported by the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune, himself a homosexual. Describing this act as “unbearable and scandalous”, he assured his “full support for the center”. “The fight against stupidity, violence and intolerance continues,” he said on Twitter.

“You have a problem with me, I have nothing against you. Basically, I was judging the act itself and not the people, you know that very well, ”defended the rapper in a new Instagram story on Saturday. “If you feel persecuted, go back to reality”, continues the rapper, ensuring to react with “humor” to criticism, while gargling about the success of his clip.

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