Paralyzed after a mountain bike accident, he calls for help via his Apple Watch

Here is another person who can thank his connected watch.
“I never thought I would use an Apple Watch to make a phone call that saved my life.” These are the words of Ryan McConnaughey, a 23-year-old Californian paralyzed after a bicycle accident.

Thanks Siri and the Apple Watch

Ryan McConnaughey was mountain biking in Spring Valley, Calif., earlier this year when an accident caused him to go over his handlebars and fall face-first to the ground.

The fall paralyzed Mr McConnaughey, who says he felt no pain but could not move from the neck down. Ryan knew he had to call for help, but his iPhone was in his backpack. He instinctively turned to his Apple Watch, using the “Hey Siri” voice command to call a close friend who would know where he is.

bicycle bike apple watch

Ryan also called emergency services, 911 in the USA, from his phone and his girlfriend. Not knowing if he was going to survive, he left a voicemail for his other half.

After being airlifted to hospital, Ryan underwent multiple life-saving surgeries and was diagnosed as a quadriplegic.

“This watch saved my life. No doubt about it. No one could have found me,” he told KGTV after undergoing spinal cord rehabilitation and returning home.

Ryan continues to use his Apple Watch as he recovers from his accident. The report ends by highlighting a fundraiser to help Ryan with the cost of his recovery.

mcconnaughey bike accident apple watch

Ryan McConnaughey

Besides tracking many sports activities, the Apple Watch is able to detect a fall, analyze your blood oxygen levels, check your heart rate and much more. the upcoming Apple Watch 8 should even take your temperature and help you know when you have an infection, when you’re likely to get pregnant, and more.

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