Pangea Software, or the time when Apple included games in its Macs.

These days, when you first get a Mac and take a look at the preinstalled apps that come with macOS, you only find one game: chess. It has not always been the case. Twenty years ago, Macs came with more games right out of the box.providing some additional entertainment experience.

Unbox, turn on and play

If you’re old enough to remember, iMacs from the 2000s came with games like Bugdom (which you can see in the video above), Cro-Mag Rally, or Nanosaur, developed by Pangea Software. For the time, these were games that did not stand out for their graphic quality, but… they stood out for their performance and ease of play.. Apple demonstrated that the Macs of the time were perfect gaming machines if developers adapted their titles to the platform.

It was more of a casual 3D adventure game, but without much plot. Bugdom and Nanosaur had their own sequels, but while they featured improvements, they were the last games Apple preinstalled on Macs before abandoning the effort and settling for Chess. The move to Intel was the step that pushed Apple to make this decision.

And even though Pangea was a company that worked exclusively for Apple, it has now disappeared after trying to sell its games in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Its official website rooted in ancient times is a sign that the company has been largely forgotten.

The great games of childhood are not forgotten.  Let's play with them right now with this online Mac OS 8 emulator.

The future will not see a return of this strategy either: WWDC 2022 showed an Apple that prefers collaborate with third-party developers who optimize their games for Macs with Apple Silicon. (Resident Evil VIII or No Man’s Sky) before pre-installing casual games that it can sell on Apple Arcade or the App Store. But there’s the memory of being able to take a new Mac out of its box and be able to play one of these games in minutes. At my age at the time, it never ceased to amaze me.

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