Panarottis Mauritius: Lacquered duck invites itself on the pizza!

After salted fish, Panarottis Mauritius has been offering a novelty in a limited version since June 13. This is the “pecking duck pizza”.

“Pakking duck is a dish that is not always within everyone’s reach. So we wanted to make this premium product accessible to more consumers. Those who have never had the opportunity to taste lacquered duck can now experience it with the ‘pecking duck pizza’”, explains Atish Karoo, Marketing Manager of Panarottis Mauritius.

Pieces of Peking duck and other traditional ingredients are spread over the pizza dough. It is served with a bowl of julienned vegetables such as carrot and cucumber. As well as a sauce that complements everything, he says.

“Generally, Peking duck is savored with a thin crepe and julienned vegetables and a sauce. In the case of the ‘pecking duck pizza’, the slice of pizza acts as a thin pancake,” points out Atish Karoo. He adds that consumers are curious about this new product. “They ask questions and want to try it. Those who ordered the pizza enjoyed it.

The “pecking duck pizza” only comes in a “large” portion. With a diameter of 30 centimeters, it contains eight slices. This portion is suitable for two people. The price is Rs 499. “The ‘pecking duck pizza’ is to try while stocks last”, invites Atish Karoo.


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