Pakistan floods: Apple pledges to donate to help

Since June, Pakistan has been experiencing heavy monsoon rains, to the point that they are unprecedented rains for 30 years. The floods killed 1,136 people according to the latest report and destroyed or seriously damaged more than a million homes, in addition to devastating large swaths of agricultural land essential to the country’s economy.

Apple will help Pakistan following the events with the floods. Tim Cook, the boss of the company, announced on Twitter that a donation will be made. He declares :

Floods in Pakistan and surrounding areas are devastating humanitarian disasters. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, to the many displaced families and to all those affected. Apple will donate to relief and recovery efforts on the ground.

For their part, the authorities and humanitarian organizations are having difficulty in speeding up the delivery of aid to the more than 33 million people, or one in seven Pakistanis, affected by the floods. Staple food prices are skyrocketing – tomatoes and onions have risen by 40% in a week – and supply problems are already being felt in the provinces of Sind and Punjab. Makeshift camps have sprung up everywhere – in schools, on highways, on military bases, among others – to house displaced people.

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