Paddock pizza, a new business in Saint-Pierre-de-Rivière

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A new business is opening in Saint-Pierre-de-Rivière. Paddock pizza will be offering take-out pizzas from Friday April 1st.

Local trade is growing, with the opening of Paddock pizza. At the entrance to the village on the road to Foix, after the gas station, the bakery, the hairdresser, at a place called Camp-de-Saint-Peyre, the pizzas are to be taken away today.

Motorcycle atmosphere

Both bikers, Fabien and Véronique, the owners, domiciled in Barguillère, refer to it for the identity of their brand. And not only: the pizzas on offer have a “biker” connotation in their names (Motobecane, Suzuki, Moto Guzzi, etc.)

Fabien, in the oven, already has solid training in the catering trade: holder of a CAP, BEP and a BAC pro in catering, and a CAP in pastry. He worked on an oil rig as a cook, held a sign in Foix (la Papillotte). Before a change of activity: fifteen years at Aubert-Duval in Pamiers as a blacksmith operator. The company was looking for volunteers for a redundancy plan. His candidacy was accepted. He returned to his first love. Fabien has set up his laboratory in a pizza kiosk in accordance with all hygiene and safety standards to offer pizzas to take away.

A dozen traditional pizzas are on the menu, as well as four specials made with local products (Gaec de la Coumes, Aston trout, Plantaurel duck breast, Rogallais cheese with wild garlic).

The store is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. To place an order: 06 09 64 07 27.

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