Our favorite games on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

After going through our favorite applications, let’s relax a little while playing. Here are the games we enjoy playing on Apple devices, as well as the services that have become part of our gaming habits.

MacGeneration’s favorite applications

GeForce Now (Felix)

Difficult to know for which service of cloud gaming crack in 2022: the offer is plethoric but no platform is perfect. For my part, I found the shoe for me with Nvidia’s GeForce Now. The service is simple, fluid, starts quickly while the graphics are fantastic once in play.

GeForce Now on iPad

If the service is not faultless, it is the one that suits me best. I continue to buy my games, which pushes me to finish my purchases instead of typing here and there in an endless catalog like the Game Pass. Plus, I can play a large chunk of my Steam library, which comes in handy when I feel like dusting off Assassin’s Creed Where Alan Wake. Finally, the service is not excessively expensive: a little over €8 per month in annual payment for the standard formula which will be more than enough for the majority of users.

  • Available on the web, iPhone and iPad via a web app, and macOS via an app
  • Free plan limited to one-hour gaming sessions, less limited offers from €9.99/month

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Michael)

Unlike GeForce Now reviewed by Félix above, the Xbox Cloud Gaming offer is the closest thing to a video game Netflix. You pay a monthly subscription of € 12.99 for the Game Pass Ultimate and you end up with a formidable library of titles accessible in Safari without restriction. And what games!

The service, which has more than a hundred games, is indeed rich in AAA titles such as the Halo collection (including Infinite), the Forza, the Bethesda catalog (Doom, Skyrim, Fallout…) and a lot of Electronic Arts (Battlefield, Mass Effect, Star Wars…) and Ubisoft. Not to mention indie games and Xbox 360 classics. There’s plenty here to seriously occupy long summer evenings, whether on iPhone, iPad or Mac, with or without a controller knowing that a handful of titles can be played online. tactile. And soon with keyboard and mouse!

Take advantage, right now the first month is only €1. What to get an idea of ​​​​the quality of the service, especially since the Ultimate Pass also allows you to download games on your console and your PC if by chance you also have that on hand.

  • Available on the web, and iPhone and iPad via a web app
  • €1 the first month, €12.99/month thereafter

Rocket League Sideswipe (Felix)

If you’re looking for a little competitive game to play together for an entire evening or to play a game on the bus, I recommend Rocket League Sideswipe with your eyes closed. As on the PC version, this game invites you to control a small car which must drive a big ball into the opposing cages. Matches are played in 1v1 or 2v2 and only last a handful of minutes.

It is possible to play in casual mode or to climb in the world ranking with ranked games. You have to do a few break-in matches to properly control your vehicle, but once this stage is over, the gameplay nervous is very pleasant. Free-to-play requires, you can go to the checkout to customize your vehicle, but nothing that gives an advantage on the ground or that accelerates progress. The game is compatible with a controller.

  • Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Free, with optional in-app purchases


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