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On TikTok, Drew Barrymore’s pizza-salad is not unanimous

Drew Barrymore enjoys vegetarian pizza on the set of his show ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’. Screenshot of Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) TikTok

In a video posted on TikTok, the American actress shared her very personal way of eating pizza. What divide Internet users.

Drew Barrymore is not done with his wacky videos on TikTok. After her dance in the rain in July, this time it was on the set of her show “The Drew Barrymore Show” that the actress was talked about. In the footage shot on September 17, the 47-year-old American is seen helping herself to a generous slice of pizza, topped with black olives and peppers. In appearance, nothing could be more banal.

Only here, when she starts by saying: “If you have a day where you try not to eat bread”, we observe her (with horror) removing the toppings from her pizza. Ashamed, she says: “I’m sure people will say ‘how dare you do that to a pizza’. I understand, I feel very guilty”.

She goes on to lay the toppings on a plate before adding a salad to it, which she says has “virtually the same ingredients as the pizza,” to make… “a pizza-salad.” Drew Barrymore finishes his creation with what appears to be a dressing for seasoning. “It’s really crunchy and delicious. In addition, we have the satisfaction of eating pizza”, convinces the actress, before adding: “It is also a solution for people intolerant to gluten”.

The refreshing video of Drew Barrymore in the rain

Mixed internet users

Viewed more than 4.6 million times, his post was flooded with mixed reviews from Internet users. While some send him benevolent messages encouraging him to enjoy his pizza: “You only have one life”, others protest the consequences of the diet culture “I remember the lies I told myself about what was good or not, when I still believed in diet culture“. In a tone of humor, comedian Mike Birbiglia also commented on the absurdity of the thing: “Drew, I’m going to file a complaint in the name of the pizza”. Not without humor, she ends the video by biting into a slice of pizza, which she accompanies with a big sigh of satisfaction.


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