On iOS 16, Apple hid a wallpaper in tribute to Steve Jobs

One of the wallpapers offered in the upcoming iPhone operating system update is similar to the one used on the very first iPhone, introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007.

Announced at WWDC in June, the next update to the iPhone operating system, iOS 16, is gradually being unveiled. A few handpicked users have already been able to explore it, and share screenshots of new features on social networks.

A new locked screen display system was notably presented on the occasion, more dynamic and much more customizable. Among the new wallpapers offered by default, a user unearthed a reference to the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Never offered on the iPhone

This is a photo of two clownfish in an anemone, an image that appeared in the background of the very first iPhone, presented during Apple’s keynote in 2007.

It was Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg and specialist in Apple products, who relayed it on Twitter.

“Some users seem to see a new wallpaper with clownfish in the third beta version of iOS 16. This is the wallpaper used by Steve Jobs when he presented the iPhone in 2007 – but it was never officially integrated into the devices. Fifteen years later, it’s done,” explains the journalist.

symbolic wallpaper

Pending its official release in the fall, iOS 16 is currently available in its third “beta” version. This is a test version, mainly intended for developers and specialists, which allows both to gradually unveil new features but also to anticipate any malfunctions it may encounter.

For now, therefore, it is not possible to know if this wallpaper will definitely be offered to all iOS 16 users. This image is very symbolic for Apple fans: a few years ago, users were already exchanging it on specialized forums, spotted the American media Mashable.

For Apple, this is a new tribute to the founder of the company, who will also posthumously receive the highest civilian honor in the United States.

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