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“Nobody reacts” denounces the father of a victim

This scandal had been talked about for several weeks. Public health France identified 56 cases ofpoisoning to the E.Coli bacteria linked to the consumption of frozen pizzas Buitoni. Among these cases, 55 children two of whom died and others have serious consequences, recalled RTL.

This Saturday, September 24, the father of 8-year-old Natan, who died after eating a pizza, spoke out with the aim of denouncing the ” silence unworthy of justice and the state “. According to him, a new investigating judge was appointed to the case a few months after the events, without the families being notified, he reported to franceinfo.

We feel left out. We want them to take us into consideration, to receive us, to listen to us, to finally move this case forward, that all these industrial thugs are accountable ” did he declare.

“No one reacts”

On July 11, the CEO of Nestlé, Christophe Cornu, had presented his excuses to the families of victims. ” It is a human drama, where families and children are affected “he had expressed in the columns of the Figaro. ” Today I want to express my deepest sympathy and apologize “he had declared before ensuring that the company” owed answers to these families » and that she would be obliged to ensure « transparency and truth “. ” Nestlé will take all its responsibilities he said.

But faced with the lack of indictment, Yohan, Natan’s father, did not hide his anger: “ We have to have them in front of us, they have to see our faces, they have to see the state in which many families are. We let them poison and kill people. Nobody reacts. This is not considered a priority situation by the state “Laments the father of the family.

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