no health sensors this year, Apple would still favor its watches

The successors to the AirPods Pro expected for the start of the school year should not be equipped with new health features this year, as reported by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

AirPods Pro 2 rendering // Source: 52Audio

The AirPods Pro 2 are due out this fall and should finally offer a sequel to Apple’s high-end headphones, three years after their launch. Rumors have so far reported the integration in this new version of health-related features, but they would ultimately no longer be on the agenda.

Two health functions finally left out

We were expecting heart rate monitoring or even a measurement of body temperature embedded in future Airpods Pro 2. In the end, it would not be. According to Mark Gurman in his newsletter power-onthe Cupertino teams would have finally given up implementing them, at least for this year.

“Over the past few months, there have been rumors that this year’s model has the ability to determine a wearer’s heart rate or body temperature. I’m told that neither feature is likely to come in the 2022 release, although both enhancements have been explored within the company and may arrive one day. »

Health, the preserve of the Apple Watch for now

However, these tested features have not been completely abandoned by Apple. Because, according to the journalist, the measurement of body temperature in particular should be part of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 8 in order to inform you if necessary of the onset of fever.

But these AirPods Pro 2 would not be without interest. Several recent rumors from 52Audio also point to a likely new case and quality support. Losless for music. The arrival of this new model would also offer more advanced “adaptive” active noise reduction, but with a design more or less similar to the first model.

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