Nightmare in the kitchen: the behavior of this boss in front of Philippe Etchebest shocks the Web!

This Thursday, M6 broadcast a new episode of Cauchemar en cuisine. And the least we can say is that the behavior of the restaurant owner facing Philippe Etchebest shocked Internet users.

A new problem in Cauchemar en cuisine

M6 has been unveiling the program Cauchemar en cuisine for several years now. This week, the channel unveiled a new episode that did not fail to make people talk on social networks.

For this new Nightmare in the kitchen, Philippe Etchebest went to a restaurant in Ouistreham, Normandy. The chef came to the aid of a brother and a sister: Fanny and Dieva.

At the head of a restaurant, the two cannot manage at all to get by. They have trouble get their business off the grounde. And do not understand at all why nothing works, despite the potential of the place.

Located on the Ouistreham port, the brother and sister confided in Cauchemar en cuisine that they were on one’s last legs. And it didn’t take long for Chief Etchebest to figure out the big deal.

During the episode, Philippe Etchebest noticed that the server had changed from one dish to another. It was Dieva who replaced her waitress. The chef, who did not understand this choice, then sought to find out more.

“You are unable to manage the service”

Dieva then explained that her waitress had snapped. When the latter is under pressure, she takes a break. An announcement that did not fail to astonish Philippe Etchebest in Nightmare in the kitchen. The chief had hard to understand the waitress.

Once back, the latter then explained that she didn’t feel up to it. A sentence that has not been contradicted by the chef. And for good reason, he did not understand the attitude of the young woman.

But it was the behavior of Dieva, the boss, that also surprised him. At first, the chef discovered that the latter did not know his age. The man simply told him that he was in his forties.

If Philippe Etchebest laughed a lot in this episode of Nightmare in the kitchen, he was quickly disillusioned. Indeed, he did not at all appreciate the behavior of the principal concerned. And for good reason, the latter did show of virulence towards his sister.

He swung at Fanny and her waitress: “You are unable to manage the service”. All while he was doing nothing, except prepare two mojitos. On the Web, several Internet users have expressed their anger.

Internet users shocked by the behavior of Dieva

On social networks, fans of Cauchemar en cuisine swung: “We agree that the brother is really a bastard doubled as a lazy one. », « The ankles of the boss. but also “Here he is!” We found him asshole of the year ».

Others added: “MDR the boss I want to slap him ? What is that ? or even “The brother is the kind of colleague who crushes others to put himself forward”.

Subsequently, the chef of Cauchemar en cuisine also understood what was wrong with the restaurant. Everything is frozen, there are no home-cooked products. A shame for the first worker in France.

He stated : ” I understand why customers have deserted ! ». From now on, it seems that the restaurant is doing better since the arrival of the chef!

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