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Nicolas Geneste, pizza star in Rome

The 20 e Pizza World Cup edition elected its new super champion at the beginning of October, and it was Argentacian pizza maker Nicolas Geneste, owner of the Pizza Autentica pizzeria, who won the title.

About a hundred international participants gathered in Rome to defend the theme of pizza, in about twenty categories.

“Pizza can have different shapes, there are several styles of pasta, of cooking… Suddenly, it was important for me to participate in several events, to be able to surpass myself”, enthuses the big winner.

Two years of preparation

After two years of preparation for the competition, Nicolas Geneste took part in 9 categories such as the “protected Margherita”, the “Marinara” and even the “Focaccia” or the “Frita”, the pizza cooked in oil. The 38-year-old pizza maker relishes his victory.

“I was judged by a great Neapolitan pizza maker Luciano Sorbillo and for me it’s already a great victory,” he says.

Without revealing all his secrets, Nicolas Geneste worked with local products. “I offered a pizza frita with veal blanquette, where I made a second podium. The veal comes from Tradi Corrèze, the vegetables from my usual primeur. »

The nine categories unfolded allowed Nicolas to obtain the big podium and to be crowned super champion. “I did all my categories in two days, and after two podiums, I was told that it was I who had the title. I did not believe it and I still do not believe it, ”he is still surprised.

Nicolas Geneste does not intend to stop there and wishes to do other competitions.

“I will continue and participate in qualifying for the French championship at the beginning of January. I already have my recipe, but that, I still keep it secret”.


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