New business in Nantes: the pizzeria Gnâgnâ, little sister of Mamie Pât, has opened its doors

Jérôme (on the right) the manager of GnâGnâ is supported by François the chef. (©Laure Gentil /Actu Nantes)

jerome is only 33 years old but he has already opened his second restaurant in Nantes : GnâGnânot far from the Machines de l’Ile, which he founded after the success of his establishment Granny Pat’, a restaurant specializing in homemade fresh dough. News Nantes went to find it.

A village atmosphere

GnâGnâ is well hidden, Magdalen Street, instead of Bocca. The pizza and pasta restaurant is located in the middle of residential and office buildings on the island of Nantes. Its brightly colored chairs and tables stand out in the middle of the small gray square where they are placed. This is where Jérôme, the manager, welcomes us, a big smile on his face and a straw hat on his head.

He has good reason to be smiling. Open since JuneGnâGnâ already has accustomed who “come to eat every lunchtime”. “It took from the start! exclaims Jérôme, almost surprised by the success of his establishment.

We know the people, their first names, we talk to them. It’s like a small village.

jeromeManager of GnâGnâ and Mamie Pât’

Became a meeting place for the inhabitants, the case is off to a good start. GnâGnâ has even been spotted by the tourists. “We found ourselves on a Dutch site ranking us among the best pizzas in town”, says Jérôme to News Nantes.

The colorful chairs in the restaurant catch the eye.
The colorful chairs in the restaurant catch the eye. (©Laure Gentil /Actu Nantes)

A “local and French” menu

The 30-something likes to work local products. The semolina for the pasta and the flour for the pizzas come from the mill Giraudeau in the south of Loire-Atlantique. Even the Mozzarella is French: she is from Luzon (Vendee).

You can make very good pizzas while keeping the French and local identity.

jeromeManager of GnâGnâ and Mamie Pât’

The menu is mouth-watering: revamped Macs and Cheese, carbonaras French style with Breton bacon bits, lasagnaof the salads composed, and of course pizza. Among the latter, the manager of the GnâGnâ particularly advises the Normanhis crush, with his Camembert from Normandymarinated chicken and caramelized apples.

At GnâGnâ, we serve pasta and pizzas made from local products. (©Laure Gentil /Actu Nantes)

A “passion” for pasta

Originating from Sables d’Olonne (Vendee), this man full of enthusiasm was not destined for the restoration. Living in Nantes for his film studies, Jérôme wanted to become an actor, although he admitted with amusement that he was “very bad”.

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After having worked for a time in “the world of luxury”, he decided to leave it. “The mentality and the values ​​did not suit me at all,” he says.

Jérôme has already opened two restaurants in Nantes.  Already, he thinks about the continuation.
Jérôme has already opened two restaurants in Nantes, he is already thinking about what to do next. (©Laure Gentil /Actu Nantes)

Getting closer to the members of his family, restaurateurs on the Sablaise coast, Jérôme ends up launching himself into the restoration. “I only know how to do good,” he laughs.

It fascinates me, people are nice. I work twice as hard but I’m twice as happy!

jerome Manager of GnâGnâ and Mamie Pât’

Pasta and pizzas are his “passion”. The idea therefore came to him to open a first restaurant in Nantes. He buys back “a little bouiboui” as he likes to describe it: Mamie Pât’. And it is a real success. So that three years laterin 2022, Jérôme opens GnâGnâ.

Although his second restaurant has only just opened, and in his own opinion there is still a lot to do, the ambitious manager is already thinking of a third location. “We want to consolidate first. But it’s an idea in the back of my mind,” he admits, with a smirk.

Practical information :
Contact and address: GnâGnâ, 8 rue Magdeleine. 09 88 57 74 20. Dough plate at €9.90 and pizza between €9.90 and €14. 40 seats indoors and 20 seats on the terrace.

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