Neuville-en-Ferrain: the “pizzaïolo companions” work on their know-how

Recently, the “pizzaïolo companions” met at Biola’pizza and offered a tasting to the people of Neuville.

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Pizza is an art. This is why, on a regular basis, the “companion pizza makers” meet to discuss their practices and know-how. Recently, they met at Biola’pizza and offered a tasting to the people of Neuville.

Pizza has long been associated with junk food », explains Alain Leclercq Polveche, their host. ” We want to demonstrate that there are still real pizza professionals who campaign for a quality product “. Lesson of the day for 8 fellow pizza makers from the Lille metropolitan area: dough fermentation and teglia (thick dough pizza, typical of the Roman city, cooked on large plates). ” Its ancestral recipe requires a lot of attention in its preparation. As with bread, pizza dough must have many cells, and quality flour with effective gluten, this also guarantees good digestion. »

70 professionals

Among the participants, Sonia Beugin, vice-world champion for the best vegan pizza in 2021. ” A good product is a product that takes time. Beware if your pizza is covered with mozzarella and you cannot see the other products that need to be cooked. On the salt side, it is necessary to put barely 20 to 30 gr for 7 to 8 kg of dough, the pizza should not make you thirsty. »

When Grégory Brotcorne, world champion in 2019, opened this restaurant in Wasquehal, he also created a training institute for pizza makers and pizza makers, but also a “companion pizza maker” label (an ear of wheat) which brings together around 70 professionals. throughout France, which adheres to a quality charter, committing to organic, local cuisine, flour, quality… among others.

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