NCIS actor indicted for complicity in murder

Last December, an extra from the series NCIS Los Angeles was arrested in the middle of filming, after the death of two young women. He was indicted for complicity in murder.

Last week, Brandt Osborn, actor appearing in the American series NCIS: Los Angeles, was indicted for complicity in murder. Last December, he was arrested in the middle of filming, following the suspicious death of two young women.

They had been found in front of two different hospitals, one dead and the other unconscious. After eleven days in a coma, the second victim did not survive. The autopsy had revealed that they had died of overdose. Their deaths were then ruled a homicide.

The investigations led the police on the trail of three men, including Brandt Osborn, arrested last December. The extra actor was not charged immediately. But since last week, he has been indicted for complicity in murder. David Pearce, his roommate and director, is accused of the homicide of these two women, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The evening turns tragic

According to a statement from one of the investigating detectives, the two men claimed to have taken the women to the hospital. The old woman was seen with the two women using what looked like cocaine at a rave party. A little later that night, they would have left the party.

After having seized the computer objects of the two men, the investigators hoped to find elements of answers on the last hours of life of the two young women. The apartment of the two suspects is the last known place where the two victims were present.

Twenty minutes after arriving at the two men’s home, they allegedly ordered a taxi to leave, according to the detective’s statement. A few hours later, the surveillance cameras would have shown the two men carrying the body of one of the victims in the car, in order to deposit it in a hospital. Then, a second passage to take the second victim. For the moment, the investigators did not wish to reveal that they had allowed the indictments of the two men several months later.

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