‘NCIS’ actor charged with murder

Terrible news for all fans of the series broadcast on M6, NCIS: Los Angeles. A scandal erupted in December 2021 when an actor in the series, Brandt Osborn, was arrested in the middle of filming. This arrest took place in the context of a murder investigation. Two young women were found outside two Los Angeles hospitals in November 2021. The victims died of an overdose following a mixture of several drugs. Los Angeles police then arrested three men, including NCIS actor Brandt Osborn, and David Pearce, director and roommate of the actor, according to the Los Angeles Times. The latter had remained in prison to answer other charges, of sexual assault and rape on several women between 2010 and 2020. The director is today charged with the murder of the two young women, and Brandt Osborn is accused of complicity in murder, after being briefly released from prison in December 2021. Bad news for viewers of the series, barely recovered from the departure of the main actor.

According to the detectives of the investigation, the two men assured to have taken the two victims to the hospital in order to help them. However, they had been seen giving what looked like cocaine to the young women during an overnight rave party. Given the gravity of the facts, the actor of the hit series saw many of his personal effects seized. Phones, computers, tablets, devices (…)

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