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NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition is coming to Apple Arcade with a large number of game modes! (trailer)

That’s a good news ! NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition is announced on Apple Arcade, and 2K Games has not skimped on new features and game modes. This mobile version of the console and PC game, only available on iOS therefore, offers a very large number ed game modes, here is the impressive list:

My career mode:

Start your NBA journey – from freshman to NBA legend
Create your player and choose physical characteristics such as height, wingspan, weight, playing style, etc.
Choose your position and play in your favorite NBA team
Modify your stats and build: become a 3-point specialist or dominate and slam into the zone
Enter your own private MyCOURT and practice exercises and tutorials to improve your abilities

Fashion Association:

Become the General Manager and Head Coach of your favorite NBA franchise and create your NBA dream team in The Association
Manage your NBA roster and make trades, sign free agents, research hot prospects, and control your team’s finances.

Quick match modes:

Test your skills with an authentic basketball game, choose your favorite NBA team and compete against rivals from across the NBA in 5v5 basketball matches

Black top mode:

Select your favorite players and play street basketball in 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5 game modes

Online multiplayer mode:

Choose one of 30 NBA teams and compete against a friend in 3v3 street basketball in Blacktop mode against a friend
Online multiplayer games: Play real-time PVP basketball in online matches
Cross-platform play: Play alone or against friends via iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

Note that Compatibility is guaranteed with Xbox or PS DualShock controllers. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition will be available in Apple Arcade on October 18.

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