Nailloux: she takes over the Pizza des vents and has lots of projects in mind to develop it

Justine Mosca took over the Pizza des vents de Nailloux during the summer, reopening the doors of the establishment on August 31, 2022. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

There is something new on the side of Pizza of the Winds of Nailloux. After a month of summer closure, the establishment of rue du Laytie reopened on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 with a whole new team.

Behind the stoves, and especially at the head of the restaurant, is Justine Mosca. A 32-year-old woman fromOdarsand whose face must not be unknown to the regulars of the Pizza des vents.

We spent two months together, with the former owner, before I took over the restaurant on my own. Being by his side during this transition period allowed me to learn the basics of the pizzeria, to get used to the place and above all to know the customers.

Justine MoscaNew manager of the Pizza des vents
Justine Mosca hopes to be able to develop the restaurant's menu by offering some new items.
Justine Mosca hopes to be able to develop the restaurant’s menu by offering some new items. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

Basics to keep

After ten years at the head of the Pizza des vents, Julie Duteuil has indeed decided to give up his place in order to “concretize new projects”, she informed on the Facebook page of the pizzeria.

But taking over such a sign is not always easy:

It’s a little stressful, even scary, because she is very well known and even has a good reputation. But it was an opportunity for me to get started, it’s a real strength to start like that.

Justine Mosca

Because the new manager has a lot of ideas in mind to develop your restaurant. But loyal customers can rest assured that not everything will change overnight: the hours will remain the same and only a few pizzas may appear on the menu.

“There are currently no meat-based pizzas, only cold cuts. I will therefore offer a Mexican pizza with chicken, peppers, mozzarella and tex-mex spices, and another with minced meat, ”reveals the 30-year-old.

New rates

Regulars have already noticed: the prices displayed on the Pizza des vents menu have increased somewhat. “I had no choice. Raw materials such as flour, olive oil or creams all took an additional 30%, justifies Justine Mosca. I could not help but pass on this increase to the sale price. The pizzas are therefore more expensive by €0.50.” What just allow the new manager to recover its costs. “I would have had to raise €1 or €1.50 to be fine.”
But another problem could soon arise: the lack of wood to operate the oven. “It’s a very important position given that the pizzas are cooked in a wood fire”, worries Justine Mosca. “We’ll see how things will evolve. Maybe I’ll have to change the oven and switch to electric,” she says half-jokingly.

New from January 2023

With the Pizza des vents, Justine Mosca hopes to be able to put the know-how and skills acquired during her business studies to good use. His project ? “Establish a brand and be able to develop it. »

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The idea would be to be able to start on new bases from January 2023. I would like to enrich the menu, change the decoration and above all create a new visual identity with a new name and a new logo.

From next year, the Pizza des vents could even open an additional day.

Practical information
Pizza des vents, 13 bis, rue du Laytié, 31560 Nailloux.
Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Contact : [email protected] or 05 61 45 78 14.

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