Nabilla pinned for her “diva whims” on her last shoot: revelations behind the scenes

It has been almost ten years since the general public became acquainted with Nabilla. And since her debut as a candidate in Angels in 2013, the brunette has come a long way! Not only is she now a woman married to Thomas Vergara and mother of two children (Milann, 2 and a half years old, and Leyann, 2 months) but she is also an accomplished businesswoman. In recent years, Nabilla has notably started a great story with the American platform Amazon Prime Video. It all started in 2020, when her services were requested to host Love Island, the French version of the British romantic programme. And then, in 2021, their collaboration was confirmed to produce his docu-reality centered on the preparations for his grandiose wedding with Thomas.

Nabilla is a name. She has incredible power. Amazon has decided to bet on it to become number 1 in France“, explained the young woman’s agent, Magali Berdah, on C8. The bet continues since Amazon has decided to entrust Nabilla with the reins of a new show called Cosmic Lovea program of dating in which singles search for love according to their astrological sign. “New adventure my babes, so excited. It’s going to be lunar“, she blurted out. story Instagram a few months ago to lift the veil on this unique project.

Things have materialized recently since Nabilla flew to Malta in July for filming. A shooting which turned out to be eventful according to the information of the Parisianduring which she would have revived with the whims of diva. “She did not travel alone: ​​the production brought the mother with her two sons, her husband, her two blond and English-speaking hairdressers whom she nicknamed ‘the Olsen twins’, her stylist and two full-time nannies. Although housed in a luxurious hotel, she complained about not having access to a spa or hair salon on the tourist island“, we read in the edition of this Saturday, August 6. “I didn’t know what I was gonna do Koh-Lanta”, would have even slipped the superstar.

Whims or not, Nabilla still does not get rid of success in any case, being adored by millions of fans.

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