My incredible fiancé: The victim of Laurent Ournac, Adeline, in a relationship with a former footballer

Laurent Ournac is no longer the same man that the public knew in 2004 on TF1 in My amazing fiancé. At least, he is very far from the abominable character he had fun playing to trap Adeline, the very first candidate for the reality TV program. The latter is now called Angelina Toffoli and has put the world of television behind her. With the exception of participation in Big contest presented at the time by Carole Rousseau and a recent documentary on 20 years of reality TV, the victim of Laurent Ournac has not set foot on a television set.

Far from the media world, Angelina Toffoli settled in the peaceful city of Dijon, in Burgundy. The one who dreamed of one day becoming an actress has drawn a line under this ambition. The former candidate became the director of a beauty firm called New Esteem mainly based on energy healing. But that’s not all. If she is fulfilled in her professional life, she is also fulfilled in her private life. No incredible fiancé but a great footballer who makes her happy.

Angelina Toffoli is in a relationship with Grégory Thil, a 42-year-old former football player from Beauvais, Boulogne, Dijon, Châteauroux and Jura Sud. It was in 2010 that he met Adeline. Last year, she also mentioned their very first meeting in a holiday center, a Club Med in Turkey. Returning to the structures that saw their love born was therefore essential for her and her first vacation as a business manager.

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