Mr. Pokora disturbed at the beach with his children: the dad of Isaiah and Kenna disappointed

Being famous creates complications and it is not Mr. Pokora who will say the opposite. He also spoke on this subject on the airwaves of RTL on Tuesday August 30 when he came to promote his new single who we are which marks his big comeback in music. The former coach of The Voice, coming back from Saint-Tropez, confided in the misdeeds of notoriety, taking as an example his vacation at the beach with his family.

“It’s one of the things that is difficult for us as human beings to say to ourselves: ‘We will leave the beach ’cause I don’t want to be filmed or photographed for three quarters of an hour with my children in water” he said, although he is aware that “95% of people are not malicious” when they decide to bring their phone to request a photo. “I never complain about it, because it’s part of the package” he added, before qualifying : “But people should be aware that it’s a job that requires a lot psychologically“.

A proud and fulfilled dad

A handicap of his profession which may have played on his decision to leave France to settle in Los Angeles, far from the cameras and the exposure he faces in France. In California, he fully lives his role as a father with his two sons: Isaiah (born

A status of which he is very proud, evidenced by his Instagram post for Father’s Day. “This role and not another” he wrote, sharing an adorable snapshot of him carrying his two sons and giving them a hug. “It really is such a blessing. Watching our little guys grow motivates me every day – sometimes to the point that I’m overwhelmed because I want to do so much for them and for myself“wrote his darling on the social network last February.

A family which, despite the energy it takes to take care of it, fills the singer and his sweetheart with happiness.

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