More than 200 automobile-related patents filed, soon a car stamped Apple?

The rumor about the construction of an Apple Car swells, the manufacturer having filed hundreds of patents related to the automotive field. The Japanese media Nikkei Asia published a long investigation on Monday, conducted jointly with an analysis firm. Both compiled the registers of intellectual property organizations since 2000 and found that Apple filed 248 patents relating to the conduct.

Apple would not like to create embedded software, but rather a connected car accessible to all consumers. Since 2021, patent filings have increased, a sign that the apple firm is showing very strong activity in this area. According to Akira Yamauchi, CEO of Intellectual Property Landscape, Apple is working to create a connected car that would offer virtual reality. Just like a VR headset or augmented reality glasses, it would be possible to attend more real-life videoconferences.

A 100% connected car

The Information recently unveiled a detailed report on the design of the Apple Car. We learn that it will be a 100% autonomous car, which will not require any intervention from a driver. A project for a steering wheel and brake pedals had first been developed, before finally being abandoned. However, according to the media, Tim Cook, the general manager of the firm, would not be entirely convinced by the pharaonic project of the Apple Car.

The latter should be announced for 2025, a date that is fast approaching. The group at the apple having no experience in the automotive field, the challenge turns out to be daunting. Especially since Apple wants to develop its own electronic chips within the vehicle, similar to those used for the latest MacBooks and iPads. Thus, the firm would remain as independent as possible.

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