more than 10 million euros collected for environmental associations

Nearly 60 streamers mobilized this weekend in Montpellier during a charity streaming marathon. Sea Shepherd, LPO WWF and Sea Cleaners will receive the millions of euros in donations.

Performance history during ZEvent 2022. The sixth edition of ZEvent, a charity event created and carried by Adrien Nougaret, known under the pseudonym ZeratoR on the Twitch platform, raised more than 10 million euros in donations over an entire week. -end.

These 10,182,126 euros in donations will be donated to four environmental associations: Sea Shepherd, the League for the Protection of Birds, WWF and Sea Cleaners.

For more than 50 hours in Montpellier, the participants broadcast live content and encouraged spectators to mobilize in support of these associations. As a prelude to the event, a concert was organized on Thursday with the presence of Bigflo and Oli in particular.

The “flop” did not happen

With a broken record (in 2021, 10,064,480 euros had been collected), the event was therefore not a “flop” as ZeratoR feared. Because a few weeks ago, a controversy erupted because of the initial choice of the recipient of the donations.

It was the GoodPlanet association that had been selected. However, financed by BNP Paribas and partner of companies such as Total Energies, the association has been accused of greenwashing by many Internet users. GoodPlanet then finally withdrew from the event. Following this controversy, the organization proposed to Internet users to vote between 22 different associations.

The absence of several streamers (Gotaga, Squeezie, Michou, Inoxtag…) and the date chosen (second weekend of September, the same as La FĂȘte de l’HumanitĂ©) could also suggest a drop in mobilization.

But the French internet was there. And the ten million euros collected this weekend will therefore be donated soon to the selected associations.

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