MNA Token Issuer Apple Invests In CTBIT Crypto Exchange

ISTANBUL, Turkey–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Star Apple Labs Limited, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), announced the issuance of MNA tokens. These tokens are created on blockchain technology with the aim of solving the irrationality and inefficiency of the M&A market. People are aware of the ever growing potential of the M&A market. However, growth comes with risks that ensure the efficiency and success rate of M&A transactions.

An official representative of Star Apple said, “We are excited to enter the cryptocurrency exchange market. We want to achieve 100% transparency, reduce trust issues and achieve cost reduction in all M&A transactions. MNA Token is created to help companies conduct easy merger and acquisition processes. Our vision is to become a global exchange by providing a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The creators claim that initially, MNA tokens will be used in corporate mergers and acquisitions, but the future goal is also to tokenize bonds, artworks, real estate, copyrights and patents in the future, starting with corporate mergers and acquisitions.



CTBIT Exchange is a global virtual asset exchange set to open soon in Turkey. As a professional cryptocurrency exchange, they are packed with cool features like copy trading, system trading, and futures trading. They also feature an NFT marketplace where dividends are paid with exchange coins when setting up NFT product sales.

In order to reap the benefits of the synergy between MNA tokens and blockchain exchanges, Star Apple invested in CTBIT. By investing CTBIT, Star Apple not only aims to conduct extensive token R&D, but also to list their MNA tokens on the exchange. If the MNA token is successfully listed on its own exchange, the probability of being listed on major exchanges around the world, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Bitget, should increase.

The Star Apple official also said that with this investment, they will continue to research and develop blockchain technology and interact to develop the latest service products such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and DeFi. Also, they will do their best to bring customer satisfaction and include various investment choices for MNA token holders and CTBIT users.

Due to the recent drop in the price of coins, more and more companies are going bankrupt due to a lack of liquidity in the funds. However, Star Apple is among the companies that have been looking for opportunities to grow their business amid these hurdles. In the past, when the dotcom bubble burst, many IT companies disappeared, but eventually companies such as Google and Amazon emerged. As the saying goes, “TOO BIG TO FAIL”, it’s worth waiting to see if Star Apple’s investment in CTBIT can help them restore that market situation and pave the way to becoming a leading company in the blockchain.

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