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Mila Kunis doesn’t like pizza but… why?

During her time on the set of Jimmy Kimmel, Mila Kunis confided in her arrival in New York, when she was only seven years old:

When I got to the States, I drove through New York, except I think we were in Queens,” she explained. ” We were put up in a hotel to go through medical checks to make sure we could get into the country, but it was next to a cemetery. What I remember is a cemetery across the street and this weird hotel I was in, but I ate a burger for the first time in New York and drank a Coke -Cola”.

A few years later, living in Los Angeles with her family, the actress gradually stopped loving pizza: ” My dad used to deliver pizza when I was younger, but in LA, so I ate a lot of it,” she details. “I hate pizza. I’ll tell you, I ate it every day for a year, maybe more. It was too much. My brother got away with loving pizza, but my mom and I, to this day, say “yuck” to each other. I manage to hide it because my kids love pizza, my husband loves pizza, but I’m not one to say, “You know what I crave? A pizza “

Mila Kunis is currently in promotion to defend Luckiest Girl Alive, to discover on Netflix.

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