Mickaël Saillant brought Neapolitan pizza to Beuzeville

Mickaël Saillant, 27, opened the “Una pizza di Napoli” pizzeria in Beuzeville (Eure). (©The Awakening of Pont-Audemer / EG)

In the evening, customers take turns in the car park and at reception. “A pizza from Naples” open in August 2021 at Beuzeville (Eure). There, behind the counter, Mickael Saillant, concentrated, spreads his dough pieces, garnishes them with ingredients straight from Italy, and arranges them in the enormous stone oven decorated with mosaic using a pizza shovel. After about a minute of cooking at 500-600°C, the dish emerges with puffy edges surrounding a center of tomato sauce, basil leaves and creamy mozzarella. It’s the typical margherita, the Neapolitan pizza par excellence. But it exists in many other versions: cheese, vegetables, charcuterie, truffles…

Dough Research

For me, Neapolitan pizza is the staple, even if it’s not exactly the same pizza as it was 200 years ago. It is a modernized Neapolitan pizza, because the traditional Neapolitan pizza is classified by UNESCO and the specifications and grammages are very strict.

Mickael SaillantManager of Una pizza di Napoli

Also, the 27-year-old has his own recipe: “The dough here rests for at least 48 hours. I make a first mixture of wholemeal and organic flour, water and yeast, and the next day a second mixture. The dough will swell on the edges, it is much more digestible, it really indicates the quality of the pizza. In contests, we dissect the edges to see if there are any bubbles. Mickaël Saillant even wants to compete with the greatest: “I do a lot of research on the dough because next year I would like to do the world championships in Naples on contemporary pizza, to know where I am. »

Products from Italy

Once his dough is ready, he adds the ingredients. Mozzarella fior di latte, bresaola, pepperoni, burrata…

The real watchword is quality products. Everything comes raw, I have nothing in the freezer. Everything comes from Italy, more particularly from the small countryside around Naples like the tomato from Vesuvius, it’s full of small producers.

Mickael Saillant

Then, in the oven between 45 and 90 seconds! “It’s a handmade Neapolitan oven that runs on wood and gas,” explains the cook. It’s the baby of the pizzeria, the thing I absolutely wanted. With a good throughput, we could take out 100 pizzas per hour. Coming from catering and gastronomy, the young man worked in Paris and even made a detour to Sweden. Pizza is a passion for him.

Since always, even when I was in catering or gastronomy, as soon as a piece of dough was lying around, I made myself a pizza. That’s my favorite meal !

Mickael Saillant

Having followed his wife in the sector and taken a commercial job between two, the pizza maker hesitated with Pont-Audemer and Honfleur for his pizzeria. He decided: “Beuzeville, I think it’s a city where I feel really good, the inhabitants are cool. In the business area, the hangar-like building in which Una pizza di Napoli is located is said to be a former site of the White Butterflies which has moved.

Soon tables

Since the opening in August 2021, Mickaël Saillant has posted a few photos on Facebook and Instagram. “On advertising, we have been quite discreet. I really wanted it to work by word of mouth. I’m pretty happy with the first few months. » Note that the desserts are homemade and the menu changes every season.

In the future depending on the Covid, the restaurateur who employs an employee would like set up tables so that customers can taste on site. He imagines: “Why not develop with dishes, a larger room, expand the menu and my staff… It’s the future. His goal, to serve delicious pizzas, is simple: “There would be no money problem, everyone would eat for free at my place!” My goal is to stay in the kitchen! »

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Practical information: 51, rue des Prés Verts in Beuzeville. Take-out or delivery only within an 8 km radius. Orders on site or by telephone on 06 36 02 25 84. Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and until 11 p.m. on Fridays. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. only on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed on Mondays.

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