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Michel Cymes reveals in a book to have cured cancer

Michel Cymes, a doctor who became known as a television host, will indulge in a few confidences, in a book to be published in October. He reveals in particular that he has recovered from cancer, his editor said on Thursday.

In the program of Stock editions is announced for October 5 an “unexpected book, where the one who remains the favorite doctor of the French speaks for the first time of the important moments of his life”. The title is not yet known.

“You will see that cancer doesn’t just happen to others and that it’s important to get screened because you don’t always have the chance, like me, to discover it by chance”, entrusts the author in the presentation of the work.

A look back at his career since his youth

The former presenter of Health Magazine on France 5, considered the favorite doctor of the French, must also look back on his career since his youth.

“A modest childhood can be the foundation of many miracles if it is happy. You will discover that family history is crucial in the construction and choices of the man I have become,” explains Michel Cymes.

He comes from a family of Polish Jews who immigrated to France between the wars, including his two grandfathers who were killed in the Auschwitz extermination camp. This story was mentioned in another of his books, on the crimes against humanity of Nazi doctors, “Hippocrates in the Underworld” (Stock, 2015).

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