Michel Cymes cured of cancer: his first revelations about his disease

Michel Cymes has become a key figure in the French audiovisual landscape. Since the 90s, the 65-year-old doctor has been evolving on television. France 2 viewers were able to admire it on France 2 in Telematin or more recently in The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body with his sidekick Adriana Karembeu, or even on France 5 in The Health Magazine. He also took on the role of actor in Murder in the Pays d’Oléron and The Doc and the vet. But he also wrote books. A new one is also scheduled for next October and he made a revelation about his health.

As revealed by our colleagues from Parisian, his next book will be released on October 5, by Stock editions. For the moment, impossible to know the title. But what is certain is that, in this work described as “unexpected“, he “speaks for the first time about the important moments of his life“. In particular, he reveals that he has recovered from cancer. “You will see that cancer does not only happen to others and thatIit’s important to get tested because we don’t always have the chance, like me, to discover it by chance, writes the husband of Nathalie. A subject that he had not previously mentioned. It will however be necessary to wait before knowing more about this battle which he won in the greatest secrecy.

Michel Cymes will also return to his career since his youth. “A modest childhood can be the foundation of many miracles if it is happy. You will discover that family history is crucial in the construction and choices of the man I have become.“, explains the key figure of the PAF. Let us remember that he comes from a family of Polish Jews who emigrated to France in the interwar period. Two of his grandparents were killed in deportation to Auschwitz during the World War 2. A tragedy evoked in his book Hippocrates in the underworldreleased by Stock editions in 2015.

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