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Memories from Google Photos will look more like those from Apple

If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library to store and share all your snaps, chances are you’re using Google Photos instead. Google has announced several enhancements to its service’s “memories,” ie, automatic featured photo selections.

An update that is rolling out is making Memories contain more videos. If your videos are long, Google Photos automatically only keeps an extract of a few seconds.

Photos are made more dynamic with a subtle zoom effect. And to liven up the memories a little more, from next month a small soundtrack will be automatically added to certain selections. In short, memories from Google Photos will look a lot like memories from Apple, which include music, video clips and small animations.

Google intends to stand out ” soon “ with other novelties. Its service will in future include “cinematic memories” who “will transform a series of photos into a cinematic experience. » In fact, the photos will be displayed with a 3D effect (movement of the subject relative to the background) and accompanied by music.

The search engine will also take inspiration from good old decorated photo albums to stick photos on patterned backgrounds.

Finally, Google is now making it easier to share memories on Android with family and friends. This simplified sharing will soon be available on the web and on iOS.


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