Meghan Markle treated as a diva by Mariah Carey: “Don’t act like you don’t know!”

Meghan Markle has signed a very expensive contract with Spotify and one thing is certain, the platform gets its money’s worth! The Duchess of Sussex has just released the second episode of her podcast with special guest Mariah Carey herself. It was an opportunity for them to discuss the ambiguity that exists around the use of the word “diva“… but also the golden opportunity to treat yourself to a big scare.

It’s very simple, Prince Harry’s wife adores Mariah Carey. That’s why she started to shudder when the singer returned the question to her, assuring her that she herself was endowed with a sacred character. “You too are a diva! Don’t act like you don’t knowshe tickled her, before reassuring her. But it is visually speaking, in terms of looks I mean.“Meghan Markle’s voice was shaking at the time, which is why she made a point of providing some clarification when editing her podcast Archetypes.

I started sweating. I was squirming in my chair

It would not be the first time, after all, that she has been accused of adopting, at times, authoritarian behavior. “Everything was going well until that moment, when she called me a divashe says. You couldn’t see me, of course, but I started sweating. I squirmed in my chair thinking, ‘Wait, what?’ She must have sensed I was nervous because she made sure I understood, clearly, that she was talking about the way I dress, my posture, my clothes…” It must be said that Mariah Carey’s opinion matters a lot to Meghan Markle. Very young, the mother of Archie and Lilibet had been captivated by his performances.

Mariah is quite simply the first Métis artist that Meghan Markle has seen on the front of the stage. As a reminder, the 53-year-old singer has a father of Afro-American and Venezuelan origin and her mother is Irish. “As I am light skinned, I am not considered a black woman.recalled the sovereign. But I’m not considered a white woman either. It’s kind of in between. But if there was a time when everyone was interested in my skin color, it was when I started dating my husband. It was from there that I understood what it was like to be treated like a black woman…”

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