Mask Singer 4 – The Pharaoh: the identity of the star behind this costume is almost in doubt

The Dalmatian, the Baby, the Gingerbread… the new characters of Mask Monkeyr season 4 are magnificent. Also in the cast, there is the Pharaoh. A star hides underneath but who? The question must be resolved thanks to a prompt investigation by Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams. Fans of the program can also play the game. To help them, here is a summary of the clues concerning the Pharaoh.

All the clues revealed

– The Pharaoh is a football enthusiast.
– The music of the 1998 World Cup reappears during his portrait while he plays a match. “I remember France-Brazil when i was a kid (…) I screamed and I knew that all my life I would be faithful to football“.
He wrote a book about football. And not only : “When I love, I write. women, authors, football… I gave them my words
– The Pharaoh seems to have had experience on the football field but now he is only a “spectator”.
He distinguished himself as an actor. With The Gingerbread, they have also accumulated more than 10 million entries at the box office.
– During his portrait, we discover: the symbol of the Eiffel Tower (a sign that he may be a fan of Paris Saint-Germain), the flag of France.

Opinion of the investigators

For Kev Adams, faced with the clues and hearing him sing, there is no doubt that it is Francis Huster. Chantal Ladesou has also thought about it but is more mixed with regard to age. She then submits the idea of ​​Guy Roux, Marc Lévi and Guillaume Musso, before thinking of Michael Grégorio. Vitaa joins Kev Adams on his side and convinces himself that behind the Pharaoh hides Francis Huster. Same observation for Jeff Panacloc. Internet users also think that it is the comedian.

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