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Mask Singer 4 – The Cobra unmasked: a huge star was hiding under this costume, find out which one!

The investigation continued this Tuesday evening on TF1 with a new episode of Mask Singer. After having already unmasked the Baby, the Gingerbread, the Genie or the Koala, the four members of the Vitaa jury, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams, tried to unravel the mystery of the Cobra.

A character like no other since behind his costume hid an international star. To make the suspense last, the production of the show had revealed upstream a first extract from its passage on the set which did little to progress the investigation. A snapshot showing 20 flags was then shared. Among them that of Algeria, England, the Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Turkey or even Canada and the United States. But we had to wait for the portrait of the Cobra to really know more.

All the clues revealed

-He comes from Los Angeles but knows Europe well, less France…
– He will soon be on tour in Europe, maybe in Paris!
– The song succeeded him between “gold and platinum records”. He has more than 40
– Movie soundtracks, musicals, not to mention the awards… He’s a big hit!
-He sang in front of 1 million people, in one go
-He sold more CDs than Michael Jackson
-It is associated with historical events
-He has his star on Hollywood Boulevard
-He was in duet with a French singer
-He holds a world record that makes him a pop culture icon
-He knows the “producers” well
– He is both a singer and an actor

He sang My Way by Frank Sinatra.

Opinion of the investigators

Kev Adams thought of Iggy Pop, like Vitaa. David Hasselhof was targeted by Jeff Panacloc while Chantal Ladesou named Mick Jager.

It’s ultimately about…

And it was finally David Hasselhoff, star of the series Baywatch, who was hiding under this costume! Well done to Jeff Panacloc who was right! New good answer for him after his discovery of Gingerbread who was the actor Frederic Diefenthal.

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