Married at first sight – the Belgian version divides Internet users

This Monday, July 4, viewers discovered the Belgian version of “Married at first sight”. And this program has divided Internet users. M6 screenshot

This Monday, July 4, “Married at first sight” was back on M6, however it was the Belgian version of this dating show. And one thing is certain, it is that the program has divided Internet users.

Last week, the final episode of season 6 of “Married at first sight” aired on M6. Viewers have thus discovered the outcome of the last couples of the show. If certain relationships were shattered during the show, candidates have indeed found great love. This is particularly the case for Bruno and Alicia, as well as Damien and Pauline. Six months after their meeting, these two duos are still spinning the perfect love. The French therefore thought that “Married at first sight” would not return so soon to the sixth channel… And yet, they were very wrong.

Pauline and Damien from Married at First Sight make a big announcement:

What a surprise for fans of the dating show when they learned that a new episode of “Married at first sight” was going to be broadcast this Monday July 4 on M6. However, this is not a new French season, but rather the Belgian version of the programme. And it seems that curiosity has taken precedence over everything else. Many viewers wanted to discover the version of our border neighbors. Like our show, Internet users were on Twitter to comment on all the sequences. And there is no need to say, this Belgian version has divided the subscribers of the social network.

“I can’t hang on”

By viewing the first images of this “Married at first sight”, as well as by meeting the Belgian candidates, Internet users have compared this program to a parody, or even to a “Wish version” of ours. Many have reported having trouble “hanging on” with this show.

“They are nicer than us Belgians”

Others, on the other hand, were much more lenient about this Belgian version of “Married at first sight”. Many Internet users find the candidates much more “authentic”, more “normal” and more “sincere” than the inhabitants of France. And this touch of freshness and simplicity does them good on television.

By discovering this first episode of “Married at first sight” Belgian version, Internet users began to attach themselves to these new candidates. To see if these love stories will last over time.

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