Mamma Mia: the 2022 French pizza champion is from Lyon! | good vibes - WORDROM.COM

Mamma Mia: the 2022 French pizza champion is from Lyon! | good vibes

On Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 March, the French Pizza Championship took place at Portes de Versailles in Paris, on the sidelines of the Parizza show. For the occasion, a jury of experts was brought together to decide between the competitors in various technical and creative events. Among them, that of the pizza in teglia (a pizza with a thick but light dough that holds together) whose supreme title was awarded to Jérémy Viale, a pizza maker from Ain and already well known from competitions.

French champion in 2018 then European and world champion in 2019, Jérémy Viale the pizza maker has once again distinguished himself at the French pizza championships. At the head of three pizzerias in the region (Casa Viale in Méximieux, Côté Pizza in Ambérieu-en-Bugey and partner in Nano Trattoria in Lyon Vaise), the winner will go to Parma this week to try to win a new title of pizza world champion.

And as a reward never comes alone, another Lyonnais was rewarded: it is the cook Thibault Hostiguian (who works at Pazzi di Pizza in the 6th) who won the Pizza Due event which consists of forming a duo chef and pizza maker… The pair will also take part in the world championships in Parma in 2023. Did that make you want to? Direction 16 rue de la Navigation in the 9th to taste the chef’s creations at Nano Trattoria (we told you about it here) and at the 303 Cours Lafayette in the 6th arrondissement to delight you at Pazzi Pizza!

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