Magali Berdah is cropped by Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste!”

Magali Berdah and Cyril Hanouna on August 31, 2022 in “Do not touch my post! » C8 screenshots (montage)

VIDEO – The head of Shauna Events, accompanied by her lawyer Me. Sarah Saldmann, came to respond to attacks by rapper Booba on Wednesday evening on C8.

It was a visibly very affected Magali Berdah who responded to Cyril Hanouna’s invitation in “Touche pas à mon poste! “. For several months, the boss of the agency Shauna Events has been Booba’s main target in the latter’s fight against the dishonest commercial practices on the Internet of influencers from the world of reality TV. Last May, she revealed that she had initiated legal proceedings against the rapper by filing a complaint for “cyberbullying and slanderous denunciation” . The latter replied that he had also sought justice by filing a complaint for “defamation and slanderous denunciation”.

Last Monday on C8, lawyer Me. Patrick Klugman and his client, Booba, spoke on the show. The lawyer revealed in particular that Shauna Events was the subject of two investigations, one of a criminal nature and a second by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and the Repression of Fraud. As a shareholder of Banijay, owner of Magali Berdah’s company since 2018, Cyril Hanouna said he inquired internally and that numerous checks were able to determine that no illegality had been committed.

In the presence of the lawyer for Shauna Events, Me. Sarah Saldmann, Magali Berdah expressed her distress in the face of the campaign of harassment that she and her relatives have suffered since last May. “I don’t have to be threatened with death”she said in particular. “Things were said on this set on Monday that are unforgivable to meshe also criticized Cyril Hanouna. You gave the floor to a man who has been harassing me in an incredible way for three and a half months. […] It is unacceptable to have concealed what is happening in my life for all this time. » As he tried to answer and his interlocutor did not let him, the host of C8 hardened his tone. “Let me speak Magali, here I’m the one giving the floor, I’m the head of the set, when I say stop, it’s stop”he launched before explaining that he wanted to meet the expectations of viewers on the existence, or not, of scams. “You obscure the real subject. »


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