MacBook Pro and audio problems: Apple will offer a corrective update

Users with a MacBook Pro have audio problems, including crackling in the speakers. The subject had already been discussed last May and it is still relevant, especially since it also concerns certain 13-inch MacBook Pros with the M2 chip, in addition to the 14 and 16-inch models with the M1 chip.

As shown in the video below, there are very brief crackles, pops and other crackling noises that can be heard from time to time for no apparent reason. The silver lining in the story is that this is a software issue, not a hardware one. According to MacG, Apple is working on a fix and will offer it to users in the future. However, there is no date.

Before getting the patch from Apple, there are two methods to (temporarily) fix the audio problem:

  • Go to Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > Audio, and delete the two files and Then empty the Trash and restart the Mac.
  • Relaunch the CoreAudio process by opening Terminal and entering the command sudo killall coreaudiod.

The problem in this case is that it has been dragging on for several months already and Apple still does not offer a solution. Also, customers who turn to after-sales service are informed that there is no official solution to the problem. Suffice to say that the corrective update will be welcome. To see if it will be integrated with macOS 12.5 (currently in beta) or if it will be for later (with macOS Ventura for example).

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