MacBook Air M2: Apple ruled out Intel’s last component that took care of USB ports

It’s a real breakthrough, after years of working with Intel, Apple has decided to completely discontinue Intel components in Macs. The first step was to remove the Intel processors to replace them with the M1 and M2 chips, the second and final step was unveiled by iFixit.

More Intel in Macs

According to the latest report from repair and disassembly experts “iFixit”, the MacBook Air M2 is the very first Mac to be completely devoid of Intel components.
We knew that Apple was using the company’s processors, but few people knew about the other Intel components in Macs.

Indeed, the supplier and partner of Apple was also responsible for the USB and Thunderbolt port control in Macs, something that is no longer the case today in the MacBook Air M2. Apple has designed a custom controller for the USB and Thunderbolt ports to avoid going elsewhere.

macbook air m2 test 14 07 2022

Result, it is more autonomy on the development of this component and these are small savings on the final cost of the device. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what difference this new controller has with that of Intel nor which partner manufactures it. However, there is a good chance that TSMC has been appointed by Apple to be the sole supplier.

As you can see in the tweet below, there are two controllers named “U09PY3” instead of Intel’s traditional “JHL8040R USB4”. These components do not have an Apple logo, but they have a 100% “in-house” design.

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