“Loyalty does not pay”: this shock departure from TPMP after 12 years on the show disgusts viewers

On his Twitter account, he announced that he was leaving despite his good relationship with the host of TPMP : “Friends, after 12 seasons on TPMP, I have decided to stop the show…”.

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Many Internet users are sad and disappointed to have learned of his departure: “We will miss you Eric! It won’t be the same without you on set”, “I never came in real life but your joie de vivre through your appearances on the show and your Instagram posts really made me want to attend TPMP. Can’t wait to discover your new projects”, “At least you have the courage to take the path that will take you to the end of your dreams”.

And other tweeters have pointed the finger Cyril Hanouna who, according to them, would not have given enough chance to Eric Mendes to make TV: “You see Kelly without talent who is around the table after a few months and you after 12 years still not, that says a lot”, “It’s normal, apart from being a room manager, there is no future on C8. No program has been offered to him. 12 years is enormous, loyalty sometimes does not pay”, “Either they refused you a raise or you found something better, in both cases you made the right choice”.

Eric Mendes sends a message to Cyril Hanouna and all the teams of the show

In addition to saying thank you to Cyril Hanouna, Eric Mendes also wanted to thank everyone: First of all, I wanted to thank @Cyrilhanouna for his trust during all these years, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”andA thank you to all the H2O production teams, the C8 management, my friends from the social security, the household baba and all the shadow teams (sounds, lights, We clap…) A big thank you to the public who all came in the evenings it was a pleasure to welcome you!”. “End clap! I wish an excellent season to Cyril and to all the columnists biiiiiiiiiiim” he also tweeted.

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