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Direct M6 screen capture / Love is in the meadow

This Monday September 5, 2022 in Love is in the meadow on M6, Emmanuelle the winemaker took viewers by surprise during the speed-dating stage in Paris. The forties very cash has indeed made an unprecedented decision in the history of the show. Internet users hailed his initiative.

The rest of season 17 of Love is in the meadow was broadcast this Monday, September 5, 2022 on M6. The opportunity for viewers to discover some beginnings of farm stays, such as that of Jean the breeder from Auvergne, Alexandre in Normandy or Noémie in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. New speed dates were also expected, starting with those of the duo Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle. For the first time in the history of the show, a father and daughter went together in search of love. The two winegrowers, aged 70 and 42, are linked by a painful personal story: Emmanuelle and Jean-Paul lived together for ten years following the tragic disappearance of their mother and wife. But today, the duo from the east of France is determined to turn the page on this tragic past.

And the least we can say is that the experience of Love is in the meadow began under the best auspices for Jean-Paul. The man indeed holds the record for letters received from contenders for this season 17. Among these was a nice surprise: a former flirtation who never really materialized took the initiative to write to him. Named Valérie, she is a political figure in her region whom he has not met for 8 years.

Emmanuelle, the unlucky of the season

During the speed-datings, the septuagenarian also had the visit of a certain Carole, who was not shy. Dressed in a pair of high heels and a short red dress with slits on both sides, this fifty-year-old did not hesitate to put the winegrower’s erotic imagination to work: “I’m waiting for you to surprise me, gently, then hard after!”. A boldness that didn’t really hit the mark with the man, but which could only flatter him… Later, Devy, a Swiss woman managed to create a simple and immediate connection without playing on her feminine charms , arriving “on the right ground, the right subject” in the words of the principal concerned.

If the experience of Jean-Paul in the show is already fruitful, that of his daughter Emmanuelle immediately proved to be much more complicated. During this Monday’s episode, viewers could attend his opening of mail, consisting of a dozen letters. But very quickly, the disappointment was palpable: in addition to the suitors who were already fathers of families and/or divorced, the 40-year-old received the letter from a young man applying to work in the vineyards, as well as from a salesperson who is satisfied with a very laconic presentation in two sentences: “I introduce myself, Olivier 48 years old, 1.75, and 72kg, 3 children…[…] Carpenter and now commercial”.

The short-haired brunette, who has lost a lot of weight since the shooting of the portrait, also discovered a missive written on very special patterned paper that made her think of the film Clockwork Orange. In short, not enough to make him want to know more. It is therefore quite natural that she went to the Paris barge where the speed-dating took place, in order to make an announcement to Karine Le Marchand: she has not selected any suitor and therefore prefers to interrupt her journey there in the adventure.

A decision that saddened and disappointed the host, but which rather made a good impression on Twitter. Many Internet users have indeed praised his courage not to “sell off” and to play fair, even if it means disappointing the production. By leaving with her head held high and without hurting anyone, the forty-year-old determined to complete the “reconstruction” started after a past deception, has earned all their respect!

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