Love is in the meadow: this enormous stupidity of Thierry at speed-dating, he bursts into tears!

It is today that M6 is broadcasting its second bonus from the show Love is in the meadow. Moreover, this is already season 17 of the show, and it does not lack twists. This is how tonight viewers will be able to find the farmer named Thierry. He had participated seven years ago on this show for his speed dating. We will explain everything to you.

Love is in the meadow

It was last Monday that the very first bonus of the show Love is in the meadow launched its first episode for this new season. M6 had broadcast the portraits of farmers six months ago. And some regulars on the show were surprised to see a familiar face. Indeed, there is Thierry again in seven seasons who had already appeared on the show seven years before.

Thierry’s case is a little different. Indeed, he failed to find love with the show Love is in the meadow. But since that, he saw his two parents leave and even ended up having dark thoughts. It was then that M6 decided to give him a second chance in order to find love.

During his last stint in Love is in the meadow, Thierry had managed to fall under the spell of one of his suitors. But in her did not seem to have mutual love at first sight. After this separation, the farmer had difficulty getting up. He even lost a lot of weight, nearly 20 kilogramss. But this time, he intends to find love.

A hilarious scene

This is already the second time that Thierry has participated in Love is in the meadow. He therefore has new requirements this time. Indeed, he asked the production for a favor. He wanted letter and photo to be separate. It is thanks to his last experience on the show that he now knows what is better or not. But while her suitors are talking before the speed dating, Karine Le Marchand is with Thierry. She wants to take stock with him, and gently puts him in his place, saying “You are not Brad pitt”.

However, faced with this remark, Thierry is confused. Indeed, he absolutely does not know this actor. Karine Le Marchand, the host of Love is in the meadow, decides to make another example. He decides to take the big George Clooney. But there again, Thierry does not understand. Faced with so many misunderstandings, Karine Le Marchand ends up bursting out laughing. She then ends up taking French actors, like Jean-Paul Belmondo or Alain Delon.

It is then that Thierry finally understands and responds with humor “Me, it’s more Alain Deloin”. Something to make the host of Love is in the meadow laugh. She also specified that the second chance was thanks to the psychological changes that the farmer made.

Sylviane charm

During the show Love is in the meadow, Thierry meets his first suitor. This is Sylviane, a Toulouse retired two years ago. She was touched by the portrait of Thierry who did not have a crush on her. It was during their meeting that she told him that she had felt this for him. But as soon as they meet, Thierry finally falls under the spell and even ends up crying after he leaves.

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