Love is in the meadow: Crop top and belly in the air, a thinned breeder of more than 20 kilos

Liane Lazaar is a web editor attached to the TV division of She knows as much about the career of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1 as the latest twists of reality TV candidates and has a strong taste for heart stories.

For almost a year now, this candidate has taken care of herself and her body. And that went through the adoption of a new food routine. A way of doing things that allowed him to shed many pounds. On Instagram, she proudly unveiled a photo of her ever more refined and sculpted silhouette.

Julie’s efforts paid off! The former emblematic candidate of Love is in the meadow (2017) has transformed in the past few months since taking on the weight loss challenge. Better in her body and proud of her look, the pretty horse breeder does not hesitate to share her evolution with her Instagram community. On the day of Wednesday August 24, 2022, Internet users had something to be impressed with in particular!

And for good reason, Julie posted a new photo of her silhouette in order to let it be known that she had become more refined. In a total blue look, she appears in fluid high-waisted pants matched with a bra that reveals a small part of her apparently flat and sculpted belly. The farmer strikes a pose next to a young girl. In legend, Julie in any case makes it known that she is on her way to spend a few days of vacation with the family!

Already last July, Julie caused a sensation by revealing herself in a tight dress on the social platform, thus revealing her slim physique. She confided in passing that she had lost 21 pounds. However, her goal was not yet achieved since she said she wanted to lose 4 more.

During an interview for, the ex-candidate of M6 had just confided in her weight loss and revealed to us how she got there. “It’s been almost a year now I am starting intermittent fasting for the well-being of my body. I had started losing a bit and feeling better. And in December, I felt, in addition to intermittent dieting, limiting calories and being a little more careful with the way I eat. The pounds have been gradually dropping since then. But I don’t forbid myself anything. If I’m invited, I eat and if I have to make a difference, I make one. It’s more of a long-term habit. I’m not on a diet that I’m going to quit overnight and start all over again. I only eat one meal a day and I don’t plan to change because I feel that it suits my body very well. I know what my body needs, I listen to it“, she had explained.

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