Love is in the meadow: a farmer chooses no candidate and leaves empty-handed

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For the first time in the history of “Love is in the meadow”, a farmer did not choose any of the candidates who had written to her.

In seventeen seasons of “Love is in the meadow”, no farmer had ever applied with … his daughter. This is the case this year for Jean-Paul, 70, and his daughter Emmanuelle, 42, winegrowers in the Grand-Est.

This family has had a difficult history. Jean-Paul lost his partner to cancer and Emmanuelle his mother. Jean-Paul and Bernadette had got back together after eighteen years of separation. No sooner had they found each other than the disease appeared in broad daylight. Emmanuelle, she lost a companion to a dazzling illness. Today father and daughter want to rediscover the joy of living.

After the broadcast of her portrait at the beginning of the year, Emmanuelle, a dynamic brunette with short hair, received a dozen letters from suitors. But as the letters were read, in the episode broadcast Monday evening on M6, no candidate found favor in his eyes. She did not have a “crush” as she explained to Karine Le Marchand. She therefore chose not to meet any of the men who had written to her. A situation that pained the host who admitted to him that she was one of his favorites this season.

#adp2022 hooo disappointed for Emmanuelle but hey she didn’t have a crush on the couriers she was honest, I wish her to find the right person

— anne-laure08 (@dosseal) September 5, 2022

Emmanuelle is completely right: never sell off #adp2022

— Chonchon (@jojoraconte) September 5, 2022

Emmanuelle is authentic, sincere, true to herself and aligned with her convictions!
Hat ?
It’s all to his credit! #ADP2022#adp#adp22

– Kika???????? ?? (@Kika_ramel) September 5, 2022

I find her very nice Emmanuelle. Smiling, bubbly, full of humor and able to take a step back. Full of happiness for her. #adp2022

— Bulbie (@Bulbees) September 5, 2022

Emmanuelle seemed like a nice girl. I hope she finds love. #adp2022 #adp #ADP22 #Love is in the meadow

—NeferCali (@NeferCali) September 5, 2022

Despite this disappointment, Emmanuelle kept smiling. Sparkling, the winegrower continues her reconstruction. She has lost 10 kg since the release of her portrait. She explained that seeing herself with 10 kg too much and all dressed in black had been an electric shock. Emmanuelle will still be invited to the end-of-season review of “Love is in the meadow”.

Conversely, his dad Jean-Paul is the candidate who has received the most letters this season. Long missives of several pages. It took him ten hours to read it all!

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