Loto, EuroMillions: they won… thanks to a mistake

It is not the first time that a player has made a fortune in a lottery, taking advantage of a twist of fate or a mistake. In December 2019, a family from Haute-Vienne thus pocketed the sum of 13 million euros during the Super Loto on Friday the 13th. As explained by France Bleu, this family of “10 people”who were “regular players”, had ticked boxes 6 and 8, instead of putting a cross on 7 and 9. Before validating their grid, they realized the mistake and had decided, despite everything, to leave it as it is . A mistake that is not really one and that changed their lives.

Another story, same twist of fate. The regional daily West France thus reported in August 2020 the misadventure of a player, already in Finistère, who used to play his lucky Loto numbers every week. One day, he took the wrong line for one of them, putting a cross on 18 when his number is usually 23. Thanks to his mistake, the Quimpérois pocketed a gain of 2 million euros, one of the ten biggest prizes in the department. In 2013, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, a father, by mistakenly ticking two unusual boxes, won the jackpot of 6 million euros during a Loto draw, reports an online article from Nouvel Obs .


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