London’s new Brompton Road Apple Store unveiled ahead of opening

From Thursday July 28, London will have a third Apple Store. Located on Brompton Road, in the upscale district of Knightsbridge, a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, the shop will give pride of place to the local flora with floral decorations and twelve imposing ficus trees.

Brompton Road Apple Store. Apple pictures.

The customers, sorry, the “visitors”, will enter the place through a central arcade with the same dimensions as the Brompton Arcade built in 1903. It is by looking up that tourists will see the highlight of the show: a curved wooden ceiling located 7 meters high. The ceiling height will not be as high in the Forum, the area where various events are organized, but the spectacle will also be there with a mirror on the ceiling.

The mirror on the ceiling above the Forum.

The floor is also unique: the Apple Store in Brompton Road is the first in the world to have a coating made of an organic plant-based resin. Another first (only in the United Kingdom, this time) is the presence of an Apple Pickup zone, in other words a corner to withdraw products ordered on the internet.

Several events are planned for the inauguration weekend, including a question-and-answer session with Jay Blahnik, Apple’s chief sports coach, as well as a 5 km jog with several Fitness+ trainers (that’s unfortunately already full).

The order pick-up area.

Since the Apple Store in Brompton Road is not only a place to relax but people also come there to buy a new Mac or have their iPhone repaired, a team of 200 people speaking a total of 45 languages ​​will officiate there.


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