local Apple data center employees confined

Guiyang city has been under lockdown due to covid-19 management. In China, this is a special experience for employees of Apple’s iCloud data center.

China: employees locked in the middle of the workplace

Those responsible for Apple’s iCloud data center in China have been stranded away from their families for a good week. This situation is the result of guiyang lockdown to manage the health crisis. A system of ” closed loop retained the employees on site, forcing them to live temporarily in the middle of the office. The exact date of the unlock, however, is still unknown.

We are looking for bold personalities to elucidate such a case. “, speaks Guizhou Cloud Big Data on WeChat.

Strict management: exit bans except to be tested for covid

The appearance of this data center dates back to 2017. It serves as the main storage for all Apple customers in China: media data as well as professional files on iCloud. To achieve this hosting, Apple had to partner with a local government institution. This is to comply with local law which requires the storage of Chinese data in China.

Much of Guiyang’s population has been subject to an exit ban for the past week. The only valid reason to go out was the covid-19 screening test.

According to the latest news, we have been able to detect 1439 new positive cases in China. However, there was no no deathsaccording to the figures of the chinese health commission. The Chinese government has further stated that 241 cases of local and symptomatic transmission . It should be noted that towards the end of 2021, the WHO has already put pressure on the country to reveal all the data concerning the disease on its territory. The WHO was probably aiming to collect all the essential information for research and reflection on the origins of covid.

China has often been singled out for its way of managing the health crisis linked to covid. However, it must be recognized that as drastic as it is, their strategy was very effective. Such discipline for Chinese health protection had such an impact that now thechinese life expectancy is higher than that of the Americans. A great first according to Quartz. A difference of 1 year in such a short time is palpable. The Chinese can today reach 77 years, against 76 years for the Americans.

News from the United States regarding the management of the disease

The UNITED STATES show more worrying figures: 144,000 positive cases and 829 deaths reports the New York Times. Out of a population of 330,000,000 inhabitants, these figures are far from negligible.

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