Live text: How Apple freed text from images

First introduced with iOS 15 and further refined with iOS 16, Live Text is one of the highlights of Apple’s latest systems.. It is a project whose antecedents go back a long way and which mobilized many teams at Apple, as told by a handful of its managers in an article distributed internally after the first presentation of “Live Text”.

Live Text wowed when it was released last year, as it was both good at detecting and recognizing text in photos and seamlessly integrated with the system and its apps.

iOS 15 Live Text Preview

iOS 15 Live Text Preview

Ryan Dixon, whose team designed the technologies used for text and handwriting recognition, recalled that Live Text was the culmination of several more isolated developments, made over time.

From the perspective of the underlying technology, it took several years. There’s a long history of features that paved the way for Live Text, like reading iTunes gift card codes with the camera, saving a credit card, and handwriting recognition features. handwritten, like Scribble.


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