Lil Yachty launches his own range of frozen pizzas, he reacts

A few months ago, Mister V launched its range of frozen pizzas. On Twitter, the rapper noticed that Lil Yachty had had the same idea.

He saw him as a Youtuber, then a rapper… A few months ago, Mister V’s audience discovered him wearing a pizzaiolo cap. Its range of frozen pizzas, Delamama pizzas, had been a real hit. It has recorded more than 700,000 sales in supermarkets. But Mister V is obviously not the only one to have had this idea. On Twitter, the rapper reacted to Lil Yachty’s new frozen pizzas.

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Mister V to Lil Yachty: “Meet in the car park of Carrefour Montreuil»

1vs1 pay per view Rungis sports hall tickets available sooncomments the rapper. But Lil Yachty has never hidden his passion for pizza. In 2017, the artist transformed the Soho Famous Ben’s in Yachty’s Pizzeria for several days. In addition to presenting a wide range of different flavors, it was also a question of setting up merchandising. Caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts with the effigy of the Yachty’s Pizzeria.

Recently, Lil Yachty announced on its networks the arrival of its range of frozen pizzas in all Walmart. A publication to which Mister V reacted with humor: “See you in the Carrefour Montreuil car park, I’m going to kick your ass“. What provoke the enthusiasm of his followers, who did not fail to react on Twitter. “A sense of deja vu” emphasizes a user.

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